Netflix, Amazon, Electrify America, Apple, & American Express

Ho, ho, ho! Now that Netflix did another round of price increases, Hulu has gifted its Live TV customers with an 18% price increase just ahead of Christmas— on December 18. Reported by TechCrunch, the company confirmed that its Hulu + Live plans will be jumping about 18% for both existing and new customers.The Hulu + Live plan that was $54.99 is increasing to $64.99 and the ad-free version is going from $60.99 to $70.99. The price changes only appear to be affecting the Hulu plans with Live TV. 

A little over two years after its $753 million acquisition of the prescription medicine delivery service Pillpack, Amazon has finally launched Amazon Pharmacy, its online and mobile prescription medication ordering and fulfillment service. says that through Amazon’s portal, you can even speak to pharmacists either via web or over the phone, for advice…24/7! Online pharmacy services are projected to hit revenues of $131 billion by 2025 worldwide. 

A big plus of Tesla’s Superchargers has been ease of use. Now, fast charging at an Electrify America station just got a lot more seamless. reports the company has now implemented Plug&Charge, which enables an electric car to talk to the charger and handle authentication and billing. So far, 2021 Porsche Taycans, Lucid Airs, and Ford Mustang Mach-Es will all support Plug&Charge, and expect more cars to add the feature soon. 

Apple has announced a reduction to its longstanding App Store commission rate, as part of a new program for small businesses. According to, the new App Store Small Business Program will allow any developer who earns less than $1 million in annual sales per year from all of their apps to qualify for a reduced App Store cut of 15 percent, half of Apple’s standard 30 percent fee, on all paid app revenue and in-app purchases.

American Express is deepening its integration with Apple Pay. The company has announced today that when you’re approved for a new American Express credit card, you can now instantly add that card to Apple Pay and begin using it immediately. According to, once you’ve added your new American Express Card to Apple Pay, you can use it in retail stores, online, and in-app, just like you can do with any other card via Apple Pay. There’s more info at Amex’s website. 


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