Older MacBook Pro? Wait On Update to Big Sur; 1.4 Million Dumped from Airbnb-Wouldn’t Sign No-Bigotry Agreement; Samsung Galaxy S21 Leak; Hyundai Looks to Flying Cars

Last week, Apple released the latest update to the macOS, Big Sur. Macrumors.com and others have reported that a substantial numbers of late 2013 and mid 2014 13-inch MacBook Pros have had their laptops bricked when they tried to update to the new OS. Reports have popped up in the Apple Support communities, on Reddit, and have reportedly hit a large enough numbers that things have been escalated to Apple’s engineering team. Until this issue is resolved, and an update to Big Sur comes out, stay away from updating if you are running an older Mac…or you are running complex software that the developer recommends holding off for now…as is true of Universal Audio, Avid, and others. 

Bigotry is alive and well in a segment of the hospitality industry, calling into question the hospitality of some. According to gizmodo.com, Airbnb had to ban 1.4 million individuals because they declined to click ‘accept’ on the company’s non-discrimination agreement. Black guests have shared numerous instances of being denied bookings based on their avatars, which has resulted in multiple lawsuits. Although 1.4 million is a substantial number, Airbnb hosts some 7 million rentals worldwide. 

Android Police has seen an official press blurb, which has now been confirmed by multiple sources. They say there will be 3 models of the S21, like the S20…a regular, a Plus, and an Ultra. You will have a choice of Phantom Violet, Phantom Gray, Phantom White, and Phantom Pink for the S21. The S21+ will feature Phantom Sliver, Phantom Black, and Phantom Violet. For the Ultra, it’s only Phantom Silver and Phantom Black. The handsets will run on Snapdragon 875 (yet to be released), and Exynos 2100. It appears they will all be 5G compatable, but only the Ultra will have WiFi 6E support…which Samsung claims is 2X faster than standard WiFi 6. Cameras appear to be the same on the S21 and + models as on the 20, but the Ultra will have an improved 108MP sensor. There will be two telephoto sensors…a 3x optical telephoto, and a 10x optical ‘super’ telephoto. 

Hyundai is high on flying cars. In fact, they are planning a full lineup of airborne vehicles. Bloomberg.com reports that they will offer models that will carry 5-6 people and flit around metro areas, as well ass bigger ones to fly between cities. A Morgan Stanley analysis finds that this sector of flying vehicles could lead to a $2.9 trillion dollar industry by 2040…a pessimistic view even shows a value of $615 billion. Airbus, Boeing, and startup Lilium, and Chinese maker XPeng are hot on the path to the skies. Happy landings!


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