iPhone 12 May Look Identical to 11; GM Dropping $2.2 Billion Building EVs and Self-Drivers; Tesla-Leak Reveals New Hardware Updates, Tinder Panic Button Shares Your Data

Rumors over the last months have had the next iPhones looking like the iPhone 4, with the flat metal wrap around squared edges. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been one that has predicted this. A new rumor from Mac Otakara says the iPhone 12 will have a very similar metal chassis to the 11, but with ‘slightly bowed edges.’ Their sources do confirm the 4 models in 3 sizes: 5.4 inch, two 6.1 inch handsets, and a 6.7 inch screen. Mac Otakara has the biggest phone being taller and slimmer than the current iPhone 11 Pro Max. One detail: no word about the 11’s midnight green continuing, but there may be a new navy blue color, which could be branded ‘phantom blue.’ Word is that Apple was granted a patent for an OLED display with a built in fingerprint reader, but it’s unclear if TouchID will join FaceID in the iPhones due out this September.

We reported on the Cruise Origin last week, the odd (to put it mildly) looking self-driving vehicle from the GM subsidiary. Now, according to theverge.com, GM will be dropping $2.2 billion to retool and retrofit its Detroit area Hamtramck plant to build autonomous and electric vehicles. The factory will build the Origin, and also all-electric SUVs and pickups. GM intends to have 20 electric nameplates by 2023, with the electric pickup out next year. Hamtramck will be GM’s first ‘fully-dedicated’ EV assembly plant. It’s good news for the area, as the General had originally planned to close that factory, which has been building the chevy Impala and Cadillac CT6. The plant employs about 900.

Geeks are always out there, digging through code updates, and finding out things before they are released. Electrek.co says some hackers have discovered new hardware on the way at Tesla via code. The upgrades include new Model S and Model X battery packs, a new suspension update, a new inductive phone charger, new lumbar support (presumably in new seats), and a new charge port type. The seats may only be in Chinese models…all the rest of the features should be worldwide.

Last week, Tinder gave users a ‘panic button’ feature. Sounds like a good idea. Now, it turns out that you have to download Noonlight to use the feature…and thenextweb.com reports that Noonlight is sharing your data with ad tech companies. It is reasonable for Noonlight to gather and share user location, name, phone number, and health related info with law enforcement. Well, after denying it, they admit they are indeed sharing with third party ‘partners’, including Branch and Blaze…companies that connect a user’s behavior across their devices for ‘retargeting’ purposes. Translation: serving you targeted ads! Facebook and YouTube are among the recipients. A panic button is a good thing, but just know you are paying a price to have it.

I’m Clark Reid


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