Disney+ to Support Chromecast & Android TV; Spotify Premium Family Plan Gets Explicit Filter; Tesla’ Solar Rental Program; Titanium Apple Watch

Disney has officially announced that Disney+ Streaming service will support Google’s Chromecast and Android TV. 9to5google.com reports the word came in and investor conference. The service will launch in November. Already announced support includes Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and web browsers like Google Chrome. Disney said you can directly subscribe through in-app purchases like on iOS, but hasn’t affirmed that Google Play will support this.

Spotify is unveiling a new Premium Family Plan that gives parents the ability to filter out explicit content to individual accounts. According to engadget.com, it also includes ‘Family Mix,’ which opens up access to personalized playlists for the whole family. The feature allows granular control…so you don’t go into a coma over ‘Frozen’ and the like! The family plan gives you 6 individual accounts for $15 a month. It does require that all reside in the same household, although it appears they really haven’t been enforcing that so far.

After picking up SolarCity a while back, Tesla kind of dropped the ball. Now, they are looking to rental to give the business a shot in the arm. TechCrunch.com says that in the 3 years since Tesla picked up SolarCity, they have only deployed 29 megawatts of solar installations, while the number one and number two providers…SunRun and Vivint installed 103 and 56 megawatts respectively. Tesla will offer customers an option to rent solar systems ranging from $65 a month for a small system to $195 for its largest one. Customers only need to pay a $100 fully refundable charge at the outset. The catch? (Yes, there’s always a catch!) The contract can be cancelled at any time, but Tesla will charge users $1500 to remove the system once it has been installed. It remains to be seen if this will work as well as the no money down lease model SolarCity had used quite effectively before being acquired by Tesla.

A couple images have been spotted in the beta of Watch OS for the upcoming Apple Watch models. According to 9to5mac.com, one graphic shows a ceramic case (which Apple has previously had in the past), but also a Titanium case, which would be a whole new thing. It’s unknown if the titanium Watch would replace the stainless steel model or be a brand new offering. In the past, before dropping ceramic for Watch 4, Apple had offered both a white and a grey ceramic watch. It’s been speculated that since Apple is rolling out the Apple Card in titanium, that maybe they have new interest in that metal. Presumably, the aluminum Apple Watch will be continued as the entry level version to keep a lower price point.


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