Google Assistant-Reminders to Friends & Family; GM Shows EV Utility Vehicle; New iPhone 11 Details; Facebook Simplifies Group Privacy Settings

Google has announced a new feature for Assistant that lets you send reminders to others like friends and family…as long as they are part of an opt-in group of fellow Assistant users. reports that a parent could (over) use this to send reminders to kids, or spouses to the significant other, etc. Google says it could also be used for friends or roommates. The reminders can be created with either voice or text, and can be set to pop up on the recipient’s phone at a set time OR location. It all works via “Hey Google,” like other Assistant features. You can either create a Family Group online at or use the Smart Display or a smart speaker with Assistant built in as long as Voice Match is set to on.

General Motors has unveiled the Menlo EV, a utility vehicle built on the Bolt chassis. According to, the baby electric SUV (dubbed the Bolt EUV) will be out later this year. GM already rolled out a couple of other EVs based on the Bolt, but they are China only…the Buick Velite 6 EV and Baojun E200. The Menlo will have 174 hp, and a 93 mph top speed. GM has not yet released the cruising range between charges.

An alleged Foxconn employee has leaked more about the upcoming iPhones. The names appear to be the 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. As numerous previous rumors have indicated, there will be a large square bump with the 3 cams and flash on the back. This source also confirms that the glass back will be frosted, but adds a detail…they say there will be no iPhone nomenclature! There will also be 4 colors…the existing Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and a new dark green color. This source also says Apple will keep Lightening and not switch to USB-C.

Facebook is simplifying settings for Group privacy. According to, there will no longer bey public, closed, and secret…now it will just be ‘public’ and ‘private.’ A slider switch in the ‘Private’ setting allows you to select either visible or hidden. The same community standards will apply as before, and Facebook will still still be able to monitor for ‘bad actors and bad content.’


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