Ive Leaves Apple ‘Dispirited’; Chrome OS Adds Useful Settings; Fake Noise on EU Electric Cars; 2018 MacBook Air-Few Have Logic Board Issue & Apple Will Replace

Jony Ive was apparently ‘dispirited’ that Tim Cook showed little interest in product development, and that ultimately has led to his decision to exit Apple for his own design house. According to businessinsider.com, and other reports, Ive had just been showing up at the office twice a week of late. Ive and his team designed the majority of some of the most iconic electronic devices at Apple or anywhere else over the course of his 27 years there. Apple has announced that they will continue to work directly with Ive at his new design firm on exclusive projects.

Google is bringing a couple of new features you may find pretty useful to the Chrome OS. In the settings menu, when the Canery release goes live, you will be able to check Bluetooth battery levels. 9to5google.com reports that the feature has been available on Android for some time, but now makes it to Chrome. Also, a new section for parental controls with ties to the Family App from Google is appearing. Previously, you had to hunt for it, but now it’s right there in the settings menu.

All new models of electric cars sold in the EU must now make artificial noise under certain conditions. Theverge.com says Acoustic Vehicle Systems will have to be put into new models of hybrid and electric cars from this day forward, and be in all existing models by July 2021. The fake noise will be required when a vehicle is moving at under 12 mph, or backing up. The EU pointed out that virtually silent electric cars can be a danger to blind or partially sighted people. The Guide Dogs charity pointed out in 2017 that electric vehicles and hybrids grew 40% more likely to be involved in an accident that causes injury to pedestrians. The way a lot of people walk around and cross streets with their noses in their smartphones, the fake noise will probably also alert numerous people who are sighted, but dangerously inattentive to traffic.

Apple has announced that there is a very small number of 2018 MacBook Air 13 inch laptops that have a Logic Board Issue. According to MacRumors.com, Cupertino will email owners with the serial numbers affected, so they can bring the laptops in and get the Logic Board replaced free of charge. So far, Apple hasn’t provided any specifics as to what the issue is with the faulty boards.


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