Amazon Partners for ‘Counter’ Package Pickup; Zuck Says Facebook ‘Evaluating’ Deepfake Policy; Boeing Teams with Kitty Hawk on Flying Taxis; Apple Picks Up Key ARM Chip Designer

Amazon has announced partnerships with retailers for their new Counter package pickup service. According to, the online giant will team with Rite Aid…allowing users to pick up their package at a nearby Rite Aid store at no extra charge. Rite Aid already has hosted Amazon lockers. For their part, they should see increased foot traffic and may snag additional impulse sales. Amazon had previously been fingered as a possible purchaser of Rite Aid. Amazon already has a partnership with Kohl’s for package returns.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook may institute new rules about ‘deepfakes.’ Apparently, the Speaker Pelosi one didn’t bother them much, but perhaps the one of Zuck himself got to him more than he initially let on. reports that while speaking at the Aspen Ideas festival, Zuck called FB’s handling of the Pelosi video a ‘mistake in execution.’ He didn’t go into detail or give a possible timeline for when new rules might be coming, but it appears they are looking ahead to fend off foreign meddling of the 2020 election using their platform.

Boeing is partnering with flying taxi startup Kitty Hawk (backed by Google’s Larry Page), looking to ready for ‘safe urban air mobility.’ says Boeing could help Kitty Hawk have a competitive edge against the likes of Airbus. Kitty Hawk does already have an autonomous electric taxi prototype.

In their march towards breaking up with Intel, Apple has hired a key ARM chip designer. According to, Cupertino hired Mike Filippo in May. He will join their chip architecture team in Texas. ARM also confirmed his departure. Filippo has been Lead CPU Architect and Lead System Architect for ARM. This may accelerate Apple’s plan to move Macs from Intel to ARM processors. They have had good luck with very powerful ARM processors in their iPhones and iPads. The ARM chip may be a natural for the likes of the 12 inch MacBook, but whether it would be enough to power the likes of the Mac Pro is unclear at this point.


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