Spyware App now Targets iPhones; Facebook’s ‘Tributes’ Tab; Firefox Improves Anti-Tracking Features; Tesla Sells Emission Compliance To Fiat Chrysler

A spyware app originally spotted on Android has now found its way to iPhones. Techcrunch.com reports that the app…called Exodus on Android, bypasses Apple’s app store by abusing Apple-issued enterprise certificates. Once installed, it can stealthily grab contacts, audio recordings, photos, videos, and other info…including real-time location data. It can be remotely triggered to listen in on conversations. Apparently it is disguised as a cell phone carrier or helper app for your cell phone carrier. On Android, it is more powerful, and can get root access to your phone. This allows stealing of email, cellular data, Wi-Fi passwords, and more. It has NOT been available from Apple’s App Store, but was on the Google App Store for a time. It is made by a professional group called Connexxa. Best advice- don’t download apps except from the App Store if you are on iOS.

You may have seen something in your news feed on Facebook, or even gotten an alert, about a new feature called the Tributes Tab. According to engadget.com, Facebook is rolling out updates to memorialized accounts (those kept active for people who have passed away.) The dedicated tributes tab will let friends and family share stories and memories of the loved one on the timeline of the person who passed. A moderator can use the tab to limit who can make and see posts, delete as needed, and so on. Thankfully, Facebook is working on stopping birthday reminders from tribute pages, and blocking the pages from getting event invites. The former can’t happen too soon!

Firefox is testing out a new anti-tracking feature that will block sites from being able to ‘fingerprint’ your browser and track you, even after you have cleared cookies. Firefox ill also now explicitly block cryptocurrency mining scripts that attempt to hijack your computer’s resources to mine digital currency. The features are in beta testing right now. Theverge.com says that Apple announced an anti-fingerprint tracking feature it plans to add to Safari at WWDC last summer. If you’re interested in getting ahead of the curve on Firefox, the features are available in the browsers Nightly builds version 68 or Beta build in version 67. Both are disabled by default.

Fiat Chrysler has cut a deal with Tesla which will enable Fiat to meet Europe’s tough new emission regulations. According to arstechnica.com, Fiat Chrysler will pay several hundred million euros to Tesla to be able to claim the electric cars as part of their own fleet, helping them to avoid some 2.77 billion euros in fines ($3.12 billion.) Fiat Chrysler’s total net global profit last year was $4.1 billion! This may be why Elon Must said he wasn’t worried about cash, despite having to dig into reserves for a big bond payment recently, with more bond payments due soon.


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