More Confirmation of 3 Lens iPhone; Apple 5G May Slide to 2021; 540 Million Facebookers’ Info Exposed; Amazon Division From Seattle to ‘Burb

With some handset makers rocking 4 or 5 rear cameras now, Apple is behind the curve on one of their main selling points. There have been a number of rumors that they are going to 3 rear cams next fall, and now some physical evidence has appeared that would seem to confirm that. According to, a metal plate that matches a leaked diagram has been spirited out of a Foxconn facility, and it has a large, square cutout matching the square bulge shown in earlier rumors. All of the rumors point to 3 rear lenses and a flash in the much larger camera bump. There is also a large round cutout in the metal plate for the wireless charging coil goes. Present iPhones already have wireless charging, but reports say the iPhone 11 line will have two-way charging, so the phone can charge your Air Pods or Watch.

Intel has apparently missed a key deadline for Apple concerning their 5G modems. Apple has been planning to add 5G capability to the 2020 phones, but now this is in doubt. reports that Apple has a large staff working on their own modem chips so they don’t have to rely on either Intel or Qualcomm, but that they won’t be ready by 2020. Apple is also looking to switch to their own processor chips in the Mac line in the next year or two, dropping Intel. They already run iPhones and iPads on their own silicon. Switching to the A series processors would lower power consumption and allow using mobile apps on the Macs and possibly Mac apps on phones and especially Pro model iPads.

Facebook just can’t seem to keep peoples’ data safe, no matter how they promise to try. says researchers found that 540 million user records were exposed in the clear by a third party company called Cultury Collectiva, with the database living on an Amazon Web Services server without any password protection. The data included comments, likes, reactions, account names, and more. Another 22,000 peoples’ info that had been scraped by app maker At The Pool was more revealing…including friend lists, interests, and photos. Neither company responded to requests to take down the info, but AWS did…they killed the databases. Facebook just put out an empty statement that they are investigating, and that it’s against their policy for third parties to store user info on a public database.

Amazon apparently plans to relocate its entire Seattle based worldwide operations team to Bellevue by 2023, adding thousands to it’s new campus there. reports that this new campus presently has 700 employees, compared to over 45,000 at headquarters in Seattle. Amazon has been planning this move since before all the drama over the New York location that fell through. Lest it seem that Amazon is slowing down…they still have over 10,000 job openings in the Seattle area!


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