Apple Claims Huge FaceTime Security Bug Fixed; Echodyne Wants To Test Drone Detecting Radar at Super Bowl; Electrify America Chargers Back Online; Huawei Offered Bonuses for Industrial Espionage; ED Company Hims Soon to Hit Billion Valuation

There was a report that spread like wildfire yesterday that Apple’s FaceTime had a bug which allowed anyone to call your phone or Mac and listen in before you picked up. reports that Apple has temporarily disabled its Group FaceTime feature and they say the bug is squashed. It worked by a person adding themselves to a FaceTime call, and the program thought it was an additional caller joining in on an active Group FaceTime conversation. The group service was disabled at the server side, and Apple says they will fix it on the client side (i.e. your phone and Mac) with a patch later this week. Meanwhile, you may want to disable FaceTime in your iOS settings…or on a Mac by opening FaceTime, going to Preferences, and unchecking ‘Enable this account.’

There have been some scary moments with drones around airports lately. Other venues such as the Super Bowl and major crowd events have been designated ‘no drone zones.’ Now, Echodyne, a startup backed by Bill Gates, has asked for expedited FCC approval to test their drone radar. According to, the inexpensive little radar detectors are the size of a paperback book, but can track a drone at a distance 10 times the length of a football field. The have already tested it in Alaska, North Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. The tests would be run under the guidance and direction of the FBI. Here in the US, as other countries, drones are banned near airports. Air traffic had to be held lately twice near British airports, and also over the weekend a Russian tourist was arrested for flying one near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

Late last week, VW backed Electrify America shut down all its car chargers nationwide. Now, says they are back online. A cable supplier had reported a possible defect in the liquid-cooled charging cables. After extensive testing, they got the go-ahead, and the chargers are back online.

In an indictment dropped Monday, Chinese electronics giant Huawei was accused of offering bonuses to employees for stealing…in other words, industrial espionage, against US companies. reports that the document specifically noted robotic technologies used for testing smartphones by T-Mobile. The theft described in the indictment goes back to 2012.

Hims is barely over a year old, and will soon be worth a billion bucks, according to Hims sells millennials hair loss products and erectile disfunction medication. Having had a roommate in college who was needing a hairpiece by 25, I get the former but ED meds for millennials? Wait, what? For use as party drugs? Hims sells through the internet, and claims to remove the stigma of men’s health issues by eliminating ‘middlemen’ like pharmacists and doctors. Hims just got another round of $100 million, as they jockey for position with Roman, another consumer men’s health brand…to say nothing of traditional legacy sellers of Viagra and Rogaine.


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