Pictures Are Out of Google’s Pixel Phone a Day Before Launch; Tesla Makes Record Deliveries; 1st Test of Solar Road Tiles


There’s already quite a bit of information about Google’s new Pixel phones that will be rolled out tomorrow, but thanks to a new leak, there are good pictures and more. notes that in the pictures, you can see a couple of cutouts next to the USB-C port that look like two rear firing speakers. Google will also tout fast charging…claiming a 15 minute charge will get you 7 hours of battery life. A big feature will be what they’re calling ‘Your own personal Google Assistant.’ Google is also going to brag that Google photos will give you ‘unlimited storage for your photos and videos,’ all at full resolution. Of course, we’ll know all after tomorrow.

Tesla has ramped up and delivered a record number of cars in the 3rd quarter. says they got 24,500 Teslas into the hands of customers, a 70% increase over the previous quarter. Tesla said there were another 5500 cars in transit, but that didn’t get delivered, too. They still expect to put 50,000 cars into garages and carports the 2nd half of this year.


When we reported on this idea a while back, it seemed a bit like pie in the sky….solar road tiles. Now, according to, Solar Roadways has installed its first public energy tiles in the pavement in Sandpoint, Idaho. Besides a light show, the panels will produce power for a fountain and restrooms in a public square. Sandpoint has put in a webcam so you can see the light show part yourself.

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