Google Might Replace Some Passwords With Trust Score; New Thinner MacBook by Late This Year

With all the announcements at Google I/O last week, this one didn’t get much glory, but could actually end up being pretty huge. According to, Google is working to replace passwords with ‘trust scores’ that pull from user-specific data points, including current location, facial recognition, and typing patterns to detect if they’re really that person. A banking app would require a higher score than a social media app, for example. The Trust API has been in the world at least a year, and will rollout to several ‘very large’ financial institutions in the next few weeks. If all goes well, it will be opened up to all Android developers by the end of the year.

Apple will roll out a big revamp of the Macbook Pro by 4th quarter this year, according to KGI Securities and other sources. reports that it will be thinner and lighter, have Touch ID support, and a new OLED touch bar above the keyboard that will replace function keys. Apple will also put out a 13 inch MacBook similar to the 12 inch Retina MacBook, giving them 3 levels of laptops…the MacBook Air will stay the entry level, and the Pro the top tier.


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