LG Was 1st, But Google’s Modular Phone is Coming; iPhone 7 Dual Lens Cam Change & FOUR Speakers?


LG beat them out of the blocks with their G5 phone and it’s bottom drawer that slides out so you can swap components, but Google will release their Project Ara modular phone to developers this fall. Thenextweb.com points out that it’s quite modular…but not as originally touted…the RAM, storage, and display won’t be customizable. What will be is and e-ink second display, fingerprint reader, fisheye camera assembly, fresh battery, and a speaker/microphone setup…oh…and non-functional ’style’ tiles…yippee!

Apparently, Sony has not been able to supply Apple with enough dual lens cameras for the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus…or Pro, depending on the rumor. Macrumors.com says Cupertino is switching to LG to get it enough in time for launch. Part of the problem was damage to Sony’s facility from an April earthquake. Also, there’s a prototype case that’s appeared on a French blog with 4 speakers. It doesn’t have a headphone jack, as previously rumored, but this single 4 speaker leak is iffy.


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