Force Touch Keyboard for Apple MacBooks; Fresh 4 Inch iPhone Coming

Apple was granted a patent yesterday for a switch free Force Touch keyboard. says that, like the screens on the new iPhone 6+, sensors would measure finger pressure. This could lead to thinner MacBooks, and also allow different levels of pressure to give you different characters without using a function key or key combinations. A patent is no guarantee that we’ll see a Force Touch keyboard, but since Apple has already released the Force Touch Magic Trackpad, it’s a good bet.


Speaking of Apple and good bets, KGI Securities has a pretty good record of touting upcoming Apple devices, and they forecast that there will be an A9-Based 4-Inch iPhone in Early 2016. It will have a metal case like the 6S and 6S plus. Don’t expect 3D Touch in this smaller, cheaper iPhone, though. Mac reports that the iPhone 7 Plus due out next fall will Carry 3 Gigs of RAM! The iPhone 7 will roll with 2 Gigs, like the 6S and 6S Plus.

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