Twitter Replaces Stars with (Gasp) Hearts; Amazon Opens Physical Bookstore

Twitter has killed the star indicating you’ve favorited something, and replaced it with a heart, denoting a ‘like.’ says Vine will also get the heart and lose stars. Twitter has tested hearts, and says the heart has similar meanings across varied cultures and languages, while the star did not. Twitter’s live streaming video Periscope was already using hearts. Look for this on, TweetDeck….basically, everywhere but Twitter for Mac, where it will show up later in a refresh. For those who hate change…let the complaint Tweets begin!

After 20 years of systematically killing off physical bookstores, Amazon has now joined them and opened one of their own. It’s in Seattle’s University Village, and resembles a Barnes & Noble, in that it has some other items like Kindles, the Echo, Fire TV and tablets. reports that the books are racked face out, as opposed to spine out like at most stores. In-store prices will match online prices, and each book has its rating and an actual customer review. Amazon says this is a permanent location, and others will follow…ironic coming from a company which caused the closure of so many physical bookstores for the last 2 decades.

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