Facebook Notes Getting Facelift for Blogging?

Facebook Notes has been one of the social network’s least used and least updated features. It has sat there for years largely unloved and useless…you may not have touched it since 25 Things About Me…remember that? Thenextweb.com reports that Facebook is putting a fresh coat of paint on Notes, and it looks suspiciously like Medium…a blogging platform used by techies and hipsters. One has to wonder if people will blog on Facebook, but they are testing out layouts and features, including cover photos, user tagging, photo resizing, adding links and hashtags. You’ll be able to share notes with the audience of your choice, as you can with normal posts right now.
No specific news on when this might roll out.

It looks like a revamp of Apple TV will roll out along with iPhone 6S and the rest on September 9th, and 9to5mac.com says it will run a full blown iOS 9 core, albeit optimized for the little box. The box is apparently slimmer and a bit wider, and will sport a new remote, with new and more tactile keys, in addition to touch based input and gesture support. The remote will use both Bluetooth and infrared, which should give it better response. It will use Siri for easier search, and Apple TV will have a faster processor and more memory. Sources say it won’t launch with the long sought Apple Cable TV killer service…at least not initially. That may come next year.


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