Project Sunroof from Google…It’s Not About Cars!

Google unveiled a YouTube video today about Project Sunroof. Project Sunroof is a website that allows people to automate researching and then buying solar panels for home, and thus ‘Sunroof!’ says it believes it has enough data on the site to determine the feasibility and return on investment for installing solar on your house….down to modeling the roof in 3D to see how many square feet are available, and whether trees or other objects will block sunlight. The site claims if you use their service, Sunroof can recommend an installation size that will generate nearly 100% of a household’s electricity use! The site includes a list of solar panel installation companies in your area.

A leak last week got the tech press in an uproar that the upcoming iPhone 6S might just have 1 gig of ram, disappointing many. Now, according to, a leak from the same source indicates that may not be the case. Spotted by Dutch tech blog TechTastic, the new Geekbench Browser benchmark says the iPhone8,2 is going to feature a 1.5GHz tri-core A9 processor and 2GB of RAM.
TechTastic further notes that the iPhone 6s should offer users a performance on par with the iPad Air 2, which has a tri-core A8X processor. In fact, comparing the two devices, the site found that the iPhone8,2 beats the iPad Air 2 when it comes to single-core and multi-core performance.


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