iCracked Expands Phone Repair and Warranty Coverage

Phone repair service iCracked is looking to expand. Techcrunch.com says they have launched iCracked Advantage, a kind of warranty program for the 40 million people they claim will break phones this year. For 7 bucks a month, you get their same-day, on-demand repair service by a local iTech. Each time you break your phone, it’s a flat $25…including cracked screens, water damage, bad batteries, and home button replacement. A family plan covers 5 devices for $25 a month. According to iCracked’s CEO, 70% of phone owners have no insurance. They plan to have a trade in service up and running by early next year, too. iCracked is in 13 countries right now.

From the more than a little bit creepy department, Facebook has an experimental algorithm they’re working with in their artificial intelligence lab that can recognize people even when it can’t see their faces. According to New Scientist, it picks up other cues like hair cut and style, clothes, face shape, body shape, and more to identify people with 83% accuracy.


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