Apple Exploring Eliminating Home Button on iPhones & iPads

They have several patents relating to this, but picked up a report from DigiTimes out of Taiwan indicating that Apple is working on an in-house single-chip solution to integrate touchscreen and display drivers onto one chip. It would also include fingerprint sensors, which would allow Apple to lose the home button, and build phones and tablets with edge to edge screens. They could either make smaller devices with the same sized screens as now, or make them bigger… and of course make them thinner than ever! Synaptics has a chip that has most of this functionality out now, but it looks like Apple is going to roll their own solution.

It’s not a whole new box, but Sony will roll out an upgraded PlayStation 4 next month with a 1 TB drive…double the storage of the previous edition. says the Ultimate Player Edition will also be 10% lighter and suck up 8% less power that the present model. They have not announced pricing yet, advising to check with retailers. Besides the PS 4 announcement, Sony also made changes to the app…available now on Android and iOS.


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