Intel Joins the USB C Bandwagon

As has been widely reported, the latest 12 inch Apple Macbook has one port…the new USB C mini reversible cable. The Google Chromebook Pixel and Nokia N1 tablet also spot the versatile mini plug. The USB C can power the laptop, carry a display signal, and has fast data speeds all in one plug. Now, says Intel is jumping in, announcing that the Thunderbolt 3 will use the USB C connector instead of the mini display port. Every time a standard like this changes, expect to drop more bucks on adapters, like Apple’s crazy-expensive $79.99 Macbook adapter…but it will allow for lighter thinner laptops and tablets…and you can never be too thin or light—or well heeled, right?

If you’re a little geeky, you’ve heard of If you’re as geeky as some of us, you’ve ordered stuff from them. The website known for fan gear for Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and both Marvel and DC comic gear is being bought by GameStop, according to It looked like Hot Topic was a foregone conclusion, but at the last minute, GameStop jumped in with $20 a share, eclipsing Hot Topic’s $17.50 bid. The collectables category is growing fast, and games from stores have been taking it in the shorts from online sources, so GameStop helps itself considerably with this purchase. Don’t forget to check your geek points!

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