Windows 10 Release Date & Prices Leaked

The cost and release date of windows 10 may have been leaked by a reseller. A page at shows a release date to hardware makers of August 31st, according to is taking preorders, and lists the Home edition for $109, and Professional edition $149, again to hardware makers. Ed Bott of ZDnet says Newegg also jumped the gun on preorders for Windows 8 in 2012.
Update: The Official Windows blog at announces Windows 10 will be available as an upgrade starting July 29th, and you can reserve an edition now.

Uber has wooed away a number of staffers from Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics department. The reports that the exodus started in January, and now nearly a third of the staff has joined Uber. It’s not uncommon for the National Robotics Engineering Centre to be doing work for external clients, and the staffers that have moved to a nearby building will also be wrapping up projects at Carnegie Mellon’s NREC. This is yet another indication that the move to self-driving cars is getting into high gear. Uber plans to be moving into their own new 53,000 square foot facility in San Francisco’s Mission Bay area by the end of the year.


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