Like Samsung, Moto Tries to Get Out Front of Apple

Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch, easily the best looking one so far, is out at $250, with a claimed all day battery life. According to, it has to be charged twice a day, though. It is a great looking watch, with styling cues taken from the expensive Mont Blanc Timewalker watches. The watch is already sold out online, but should be restocked, and will be in stores like Best Buy on the 14th.

Also from Motorola is a huge upgrade to the venerable Bluetooth headset. Moto says it’s an ‘earable,’ as it fits entirely in the ear like an earbud. reports the in-ear Moto Hint will not only handle phone calls, but getting directions, quick voice searches, hearing texts, and more. It’s $149, and out this fall.

IBM is working hard to kill the hard drive they invented. says their magnetic ‘racetrack memory’ will increase storage by a power of 100, be faster, and never wear out. Think of a tiny series of magnets, built one atomic layer at a time. A big bonus…it’s cheaper to produce than hard drives or flash memory. No word on how soon it will be in our hands.


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