Google’s Ad Sponsored Free Ride Idea notes that Google has gotten a patent for what they call ‘Transportation-Aware Physical Advertising Conversions.’ In English, it’s a system for arranging free or discounted rides to an advertiser’s business location…in Google driverless cars! A lot of patents don’t ever result in something tangible, of course. If this one does, it will be a huge change that will affect private cars in addition to taxis and busses.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet had a solid quarter with revenue of $893 million…up from $400 million the preceding quarter. says it may not be a smash hit for Redmond, but is a big move in the right direction

Here’s something that a South Korean court just ruled that should be done here… reports that they are making smartphone makers give users the option to delete pre-installed ‘bloatware’ starting in April.


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