Downside of the Internet of Things

One of the downsides of the wired house or so-called ‘internet of things’ has showed up. reports that a smart fridge has been caught acting in a botnet that sent out 750,000 spam emails. No malware protection. That will have to change! A real challenge will then be seeing if appliance and household electronics makers will be willing to keep updates coming to those devices…otherwise, it’s a moot point.

It happened with cameras….film has disappeared, and now the LATimes says Paramount has stopped releasing major movies on film. Other studios are expected to go digital only quickly, following their lead.

Microsoft CEO rumors continue to circulate, and notes that as a sidebar, look for none other than Bill Gates to take a more active role in the company, providing guidance and opening doors for the new CEO…who may be announced any time now. Is the (obviously Microsoft approved) move by HP to sell computers with Windows 7 instead of the latest version of 8 something Gates might have bought into to keep customers happy until Windows 9 is ready a little over a year from now?


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