Airlines Already Allowing Gate to Gate Mobile Devices

If you’re getting away for Thanksgiving, and looking forward to using your smartphone, tablet, or GoogleGlass in airplane mode during take off or landing on a flight, here’s the latest on the airlines that are allowing it. According to, you should be good to go on: Delta, JetBlue, American, United, Alaska, US Airways, Southwest, and Virgin America.

As for the calling while in flight, a large petition against it is on the White House website. The Association of Flight Attendants is ‘firmly opposed’ to calling, and a Marketwatch survey finds that 83% of us are opposed to calling on planes. If you are one of the 17% who are ok with it…picture yourself between a crying baby (which can’t help it), and a person shouting at someone over their phone to be heard above the engine noise. Still for it?

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