Google Box On Wheels For Drone Deliveries; Another Feature Samsung Borrows from Apple for the Galaxy S7

Since announcing last November that they were launching the Project Wing drone delivery service, not much has been heard from Google on the topic. Now, says a patent reveals a so-called ‘delivery receptacle.’ It’s essentially a box on wheels with a computing system and drive mechanism, so a drone can drop it off, and it rolls the final distance to you…even into your garage, if you have concerns with packages being stolen off your porch. Google is aiming for a system that will deliver packages of 5 lbs or less to your home or office in under 30 minutes, and this may be an important piece of that puzzle.

We had already reported that the Galaxy S7 will sport its own versions of Apple’s Live Photos and 3D Touch. reports that Samsung will also be rolling out an upgrade program like Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program that arrived with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The leasing type program will drop in South Korea first, then come to the US.

iPhone Getting Leg Up From US Carriers; Amazon Resets Some Passwords

As subsidized 2 year contract plans are eased out by mobile carriers, the iPhone is getting a boost that may increase Apple’s market share. The most advantageous replacement plans that eliminate down payments or allow frequent upgrades are only available for the IPhone. Of course, now Apple has their Upgrade Program as well, where you are basically leasing the phone, and can get a new one every year when you trade in the old one. says Apple has had the highest conversion rate from Android users ever since these new programs kicked in. Samsung has been rumored for a couple of months to be ready to copy Apple’s upgrade plan, but so far hasn’t.

Amazon has reset an unknown number of customer passwords over security issues. reports that all the giant online retailer has said so far in emails to customers is that their password may have been improperly stored on a customer device or have been transmitted to Amazon in a way that could expose the password to a third party. Amazon stressed it had no reason to believe passwords had been leaked, but sent the change notice out as a caution. Even if you didn’t get one, you may want to change your Amazon password.