2016 Smartphones-Much Sharper, Brighter Images; Robot Cat- The..Uh…Cat’s Meow

Samsung has rolled out it’s new Britecell camera sensor, and it promises much sharper brighter images from upcoming smartphone cameras. 9to5google.com says it has more but smaller pixels in a smaller sensor, but using some ingenious tech, produces brighter, more colorful images, even in low light conditions. Expect it to show up in smartphones in 2016.

In the maybe sweet, maybe creepy department, Hasbro now has a toy line for seniors, and it launches with a $99 Companion Pet Cat. According to gizmodo.com, the robocat has motion and light sensors, so it can realistically respond to being petted, held and hugged. It features a vibration tech that lets it generate ‘incredibly realistic’ purrs. Never buy cat food or change a litter box again, but you’d better stock up on C cell batteries!