iPhone 8 Possible Pricing; 4K Zoom Nest Cam; Twitter Has Considered Premium Subscription

In a report picked up by 9to5mac.com an analyst from UBS says the iPhone 8 won’t start at a grand, as has been speculated. He claims the new Apple hero phone will debut this fall for $870, and go up to $1070. The thought is, Cupertino won’t want to break that important thousand dollar psychological barrier with the base model of their new hero phone. He also predicts it will take up 45% of iPhone sales next year.

Alphabet owned Nest is working on a 4K indoor security camera. According to Android Police, it’s not that anyone needs 4K for that, it’s for a smart zoom feature. If you zoom in on an area with this cam, it won’t become all distorted, but give you a nice 1080p section of the view…like we’ve seen in movies for years! The new Nest Cam may be out shortly, and will reportedly cost over $300…yes, for ONE camera!

Twitter, the social network so many love and rely on, but which can’t seem to find a way to make any real money, is considering offering a premium subscription service. Recode.net reports that the short form firehose of information hasn’t decided to do it for sure, but if they do, it would include access to special features and services. CEO Jack Dorsey did stress that it was very important to them that Twitter be free and open to everyone around the world, however.

Predicted iPhone 8 Pricing; Galaxy S8 Battery Life Beats All Other Hero Androids; Self-Healing Smartphone Screen by 2020?

Most rumors have the iPhone 8…or whatever it will be called…coming in at over $1000, but now that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is out and less than that, analysts are revising downwards. Macrumors.com says while Apple is always pricey, they do stay very competitive. Now, the best guess is $850-$900 for a 64 gig model…just over the $840-$850 bucks for the Galaxy S8+. A 256 gig iPhone would then be $950 to a grand, so it still could break that barrier, but less people buy those. The 7S and 7S Plus are expected to stay $649 and $749 like the models they will replace.

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ beats all other top line Android phones in battery life. 9to5google.com reports that it comes in at exactly 8 hours. This beats the S7, which was 7 hours 18 minutes, and also blows past the Google Pixel, the OnePlus 3T and the rest. It does fall way short of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, though…the Plus makes it 9 hours and 5 minutes! The new Samsung does fully recharge in an hour and 40 minutes if plugged in…longer if wireless charging is used.

Hate plastic screens? Like Gorilla Glass? You may change your tune in 2020. According to zdnet.com, scientists think we will have self-healing, stretchy conductive plastic screens that can recover from cuts and scratches. There are already phones like the LG Flex 2 that have self-healing backs, but they aren’t conductive, so can’t be used in touch screens. More testing is being done, but you could be able to ditch covers for your beautiful phone in just a few more years.