Outlier iPhone 7 Rumor; Xbox One Getting Cortana; Zuck’s Social Media Accounts Hacked

There are enough rumors and renderings out that we pretty well think we know what the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be like. Here’s an off the wall one picked up by bgr.com, though. It’s from MobiPicker, and they’re saying the the 7 will have 16, 64, and 128 gigs of RAM, but the Plus will have 32, 128, and 256 gigs. Also, the 7 will get two 12 megapixel rear cameras, and the Plus 21 megapixels. The Plus is also rumored to lose the Lightening port and get USB C. This is the only source claiming these things, so keep that in mind!

Microsoft has announced that Xbox One will get Cortana support in a summer update. TechCrunch.com reports that it won’t be just limited to gaming functions, either. You can use Cortana to check with friends, start a party, and search for nearby restaurants. Beta testers should be getting the update shortly, with a rollout to everybody in waves later this summer.

If you haven’t changed your LinkedIn password, stop reading or listening to this and do it now. Venturebeat.com says Mark Zuckerberg has had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked over the weekend, and it points strongly to the LinkedIn password dump of a couple weeks ago. Even the CEO of mighty Facebook can be hacked if he doesn’t change his password after a major hack and dump. Just do it!


NSA Resumes (or Never Quit) Bulk Data Collection-FISA Court Approves

Thanks to the approval of the secret FISA Court, the NSA has restarted bulk data collection. The secret court invalidated the Second Circuit Court of Appeal decision from May, saying it was illegal. According to engadget.com, the FISA Court said the ‘Second Circuit Court rulings are not binding,’ The secret court ruled that the 180 day period Congress carved out in the USA Freedom Act, which was just signed by the president June 2nd allows for the continuation…at least for another 6 months.

The long awaited ‘buy’ buttons have rolled out on Pinterest. Cnet.com reports that buyable pins are now available on iPhone and iPad apps. Now, shoppers can buy items directly from Pinterest by clicking the blue ‘Buy It’ button, and using Apple Pay or a credit card. They expect to launch soon on Android.