Possible iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Solution; Refreshed MacBook Pros Due in October


Although I haven’t really had an issue with it, many people are still plenty upset about the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and Plus. Personally, I’ve used some 30 buck wireless Bluetooth ones, and tried out my quality wired ‘cans,’ and just used the dongle Lightening adapter. If you are one of those people who are feeling the pain, Fuze may have a solution coming in the next months. Thenextweb.com reports that Fuze is an indiegogo project that resembles a Mophie Juicepack battery pack case. The difference is…besides the Lightening jack at the bottom, there’s also a 3.5 mm audio jack. When it comes out, you can double your battery life, charge, and listen to your wired phones to your heart’s content. It will be $69 retail, but super early bird backers can get it for $49 if you head to indiegogo.com. Choose from white, Black, gold, rose gold, or blue.

Apple is set to freshen MacBook Pro models the end of October. The latest word, according to macrumors.com, is the they will have the previously touted OLED touch bar replacing the function keys at the top of the keyboard, a fingerprint scanner for security like the iPhones have, USB-C ports, and a thinner profile.

Atari Entering Internet of Things; Giant MySpace Hack; Mophie Adds Wireless Charging to Juicepacks

Atari is launching into the Internet of Things with a line of connected objects that will debut later this year. No word on what precise devices are included, but venturebeat.com reports that the legendary video game maker will develop the devices in partnership with Sigfox, a startup based in the south of France that is building a global communications network for IoT devices. Sigfox’s network already operates in 18 countries and runs with 7 million devices.

Mashable.com says MySpace and Tumblr have recently joined LinkedIn on the list of websites that had millions of login credentials stolen and put up for sale later. Over 64 million Tumblr accounts and more than 360 million MySpace accounts were affected by the data breach. Not all of them had complete email, usernames and passwords, but 111 million had a username and 358 million had a primary password. You can’t remember your password? Well 2 of the top 4 most popular passwords in the breach were password1 and 123456.

The Mophie Juicepacks are one of the best battery cases out there…full disclosure…I have had several and really like them. Now, they have just gotten better. In addition to protecting your iPhone and giving you about 50% extra power, Mophie is introducing ‘Charge Force,’ which is a Juicepack only with added wireless charging. Techcrunch.com says the charging pad and battery case are $99, same as previous Juicepacks, but a desktop/dresser stand and magnetic vent mount for cars will each set you back about $60 extra bucks. They should be in stores and online in the next few weeks.

New Details About iPhone 7 Leaked; Zagg Buys Battery Phone Case Maker Mophie

If rumors are true, the iPhone 7 due out in September will lose its camera bump on the back, as well as the unsightly antenna bands across the back. Macrumors.com reports that a thinner camera module, made possible by a patented curved portion, yields the flat rear surface. Apple has ordered dual lens camera modules from a supplier in addition to single lens ones, so the iPhone 7 Plus may get the duel lens camera that can shoot snapshots and HD video at the same time.

I have used Mophie’s Juicepack battery cases since the iPhone 3, and find their doubling of battery life invaluable for travel. Engadget.com says Zagg has swallowed up Mophie for a cool 100 million. It should be a good marriage…Zagg makes all kinds of mobile accessories from keyboards to screen protectors and cases, while Mophie has focused on battery cases and added memory cases for iPhones and Androids and stand alone battery packs. Yes, I’ll probably buy another Juicepack when the iPhone 7 rolls out…you can’t do a road trip without one.