Facebook Killing Medical Pot Pages; Apple Patents Way to Share Touch ID

Facebook is deleting pages for medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey and other states where they’re legal. Businessinsider.com says a dispensary got a popup on login that said ‘We remove any promotion or encouragement of drug use.’ On Facebook’s ad policy page, it does day the site also won’t allow ads that ‘promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals.’ Ironic that this story is out on Facebook’s 12th birthday, when they’re offering up cheery ‘Friends Day’ videos to users.

According to 9to5mac.com, Apple has a patent for additional functionality for the Touch ID home button…allowing different actions for different fingerprints. The patent application is mind numbingly technical, but looks like a way to give temporary access to an iPhone or iPad with only specific apps available….useful for letting kids use your device. The function would also limit the time the guest could use the iPhone or iPad. No word on when, or if, Apple will actually bake this feature in.


Medical Pot App, DNA Data Storage, & Apple Music Quadruples Library Size

So you really need medical weed, but just can’t get yourself to a doctor? There’s an app for that, dude! Gizmodo.com reports that EazeMD, which works only in California so far, will hook you up with a board certified physician that will look at your medical history and do the evaluation. Once a recommendation is issued, you can order weed right on the spot from Eaze, and you will also get a recommendation in the mail you can take to a physical dispensary. The fee for the recommendation is billed directly by the doctor, and runs about $30.

We just reported on a 10 TB hard drive you can buy…if 6 or 8 isn’t enough, but storage limits may become a punchline if research on DNA pans out. Teams from Microsoft and the University of Washington, and a separate group at University of Illinois have published results that indicate all human knowledge could be stored in about 9 liters of solution. A speck of DNA the size of a grain of sand could store a million terabytes. According to geek.com, DNA storage stability is measured in centuries, so no worries about losing your data. It could be happening in just the next few years!

On the topic of enormous storage, great news for people with insanely large music collections. Appleinsider.com says Apple has finally increased the iTunes Match/Apple Music upload limits from 25,000 to 100,000 songs. Thank goodness, huh? Who has the time to upload, then listen to, 100,000 songs? I’ve been in broadcasting for a long time and only have 6369 as of today. A colleague has close to 15,000, and basically uploaded every track he’s ever come across. On behalf of the minuscule number of crazy people with this size library….thanks, Apple! Maybe in a few years we can store it in our DNA and won’t need a cloud.