Facebook to Add 3000 Moderators Over Live Streaming of Crimes; Hulu Live TV Drops in App Stores

Facebook is hiring 3,000 moderators to intercept deaths and crimes before they can stream live. Businessinsider.com says these moderators will be in addition to 4500 content reviewers that Facebook already employs around the world. They will also monitor hate speech and child exploitation according to a post by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The Hulu Live TV app is now available in beta in app stores. Techcrunch.com reports that it will be useable on Xbox One, Apple TV (4th generation), and Android mobile devices, as well as Chromecast. The old Hulu app won’t work with the live programming, but if you download the new one, it will still get your on demand content, too. It’s $39.95 a month for over 50 channels, and includes a cloud DVR feature. A premium version gets you Showtime, more DVR storage, and unlimited in-home screens.

Netflix Offers Selectable Stream Quality on Cells; Periscope Tests Save Feature

Last month, it was revealed that Netflix was quietly throttling video quality over Verizon and AT&T cellular systems. Since the word got out, theverge.com says Netflix has responded by offering users the choice of upping the quality and gobbling up more data…and the inevitable hit to your cell bill…or staying with a lower quality and saving a few bucks on your cell bill. You have to dig through the settings to find it, and the default is set to automatic. The app jumps back to higher quality automatically whenever you’re on Wi-Fi. It’s activated as of now.

Periscope is beta testing a feature to save your live streams. Up to now, they only save for 24 hours, but in the beta, you can save them indefinitely by putting hashtag save (#save) in the title. Up to now, you had to save the video to your camera roll, then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Thenextweb.com reports that the feature is partly because Facebook live saves closed streams on your timeline unless you delete them.