Big 3rd iPhone 7 Model May Be Out This Fall; Google Killing Wallet With Recognition App

This seems to be way out there as a rumor, but the source is KGI Securities, which has a pretty stellar track record on things Apple. reports that besides the 4 inch iPhone SE out in weeks, there will be 3 iPhone 7 models in September…a 4.7 inch 7, a 5.5 inch 7 Plus, and a new premium model based on the Plus currently dubbed the iPhone 7 Pro. The key feature? The dual lens camera from the Israeli company Apple bought we’ve already reported on. KGI says they may not be able to produce enough in volume to put the cam in the other iPhone 7 models, so a limited edition Pro model may carry the camera with a 2-3 power zoom, better speed and low light shots, and the ability to shoot video and still pictures simultaneously. We’ll have to wait until fall to see if KGI Securities is right or wrong!

Google has rolled out a replacement for Wallet for hands free pay, if you’re ready for it. Basically, it’s an app that calculates when you are close enough to a cash register or checkout kiosk. reports that the app then transmits your photo and initials to the receiving register. When you check out, the cashier just looks at you and the picture and asks your initials to verify, and you’re done. It remains to be seen if users will be comfortable with this.

iPhone and Others May Get Sony Dual-Lens Cameras; Google Baking VR Into Android

We’ve reported earlier that Apple was testing a dual lens camera for the iPhone 7. Highly reliable KGI Securities says the top iPhone 7 will get the next gen camera, which will have dramatically improved image quality and optical zoom, plus other features. Now, says a Sony report confirms that their dual lens camera system will be out in iPhone and 3 other unnamed smartphones, and they expect it to be widespread by 2017. Other vendors, including the one that supplies 60% of iPhone camera lenses, have sent dual lens camera samples to Apple. It isn’t much of a reach to think that Samsung is one of the 3 makers besides Apple that will bow these vastly improved cameras.

Facebook has Oculus, and we know Apple has a division working on virtual reality. Google has had a VR division too, and now comes word that they…as Apple…are working on more than just a Rift or Gear-like VR headset. Google is reportedly working on Android VR. According to, Google plans to bake VR software right into Android….where the current Cardboard is just an app. This means latency would be decreased, and users could spend significantly more time in VR without getting queasy. It looks like they and Apple are working towards eventually making VR essentially an operating system. Google may show off it’s latest VR for Android at Google I/O in May.