Samsung Continues to Move Out of High End Smartphones

Samsung continues to regroup, and now will drop one of their best phones,  the metal Galaxy Alpha, in favor of cheaper phones. says poor battery life and the cost doomed the model.

Riding on the success of Apple Pay in the US, the Cupertino giant is in talks to launch the smartphone based NFC payment system in Britain in the first half of 2015. reports that banks there may be an easier sell than users.

Kim Dotcom’s company Mega may be getting ready to launch a fully encrypted video call service. says the browser based service will include high speed file transfers.

Phablets Will Far Outsell Tablets the Next Few Years

Tablet sales have been dropping, and laptops edging up, but business says phablets are the big thing. They project phablets will outnumber tablet sales by 3 to 1 by 2018. Many define a phablet as a smartphone with a screen between 5 and 7 inches…not quite the handy pocket or purse size of a 3.5 or 4 inch smartphone, but still small enough to use as a phone, and big enough to negate the need to haul around two devices.

Twitter is testing showing you tweets from random accounts your friends follow. reports that it’s just a test, and so could just go away if they decide not to incorporate this alleged feature.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Alpha smartphone will not just be their first metal clad model. says they’re ditching Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors for their own Exynos chip…the first Samsung LTE phone to use it. Using their own chips more and more may counteract the drop off from no longer being Apple’s sole supplier of processor chips.

Samsung Finally Going Metal

Samsung will launch it’s first all metal smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha August 4th. says it will have a 4.8 inch screen and a fingerprint scanner.

With Amazon making major noise about getting into the mobile payment business, tech reports that mobile payment power Square has rolled out a reader for the new (to the US anyway) payment cards with embedded microchips.

Three ex-Zynga developers have snagged 2.5 million for their new game studio Juicebox Games. Their first game release, HonorBound, has 3 million downloads and is already generating revenue for the startup.