Repairable Tech and More…

Here’s something you almost never hear…there’s a gadget you can fix. says the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch is surprisingly repairable…as easy as a watch to replace the battery or band.

Speaking of Samsung, with the chatter about Apple’s bigger screen iPhones due in September, Samsung has gone the other way, launching the Galaxy Ace Style with a 4 inch display. says it’s a bid for the mid price market. No pricing yet, but it will be out this month.

JP Morgan thinks Apple should build a laptop-tablet hybrid for between $500 and $1000…knowing Apple, it would be $999! The investment bank says Apple would make an extra 63 billion selling such a hybrid device…this according to Intel says the A-8 chip makes it possible. It has the computing power, but is stingy enough with your battery.

The rush to 3D printing continues, with Micro…a sleek 3D printer, raising a million dollars on Kickstarter in just it’s first day. reports it’s small and sleek…just about 2 pounds, and will be $300.

If you have a 4K TV, and haven’t finished House of Cards season 2 yet, rejoice! reports that Netflix is now streaming it in 4K, which they’re calling Ultra HD. They also are rolling out some nature shows in the new format. Don’t expect too much… says in their tests, the 4k stream isn’t as clean as some Blu-ray disks.