Supplier Appears to Confirm iPhone 8 Wireless Charging & Waterproof; Twitter Freshenes Design; Flight Prescreening By Fingerprint Being Tested

the CEO of Apple’s prime partner in India, Wistron, let it slip that the iPhone 8 will indeed be waterproof and have wireless charging! reports that he was speaking to shareholders about different testing for the new handset, and mentioned that those features would alter the assembly and after-testing process a bit. iPhone 7 already got a good level of water resistance.

Twitter is trying to bulk up on new users, and has put a new coat of paint on the app across all platforms….mobile desktop, and web. According to, its’ not a major makeover…mainly a move in settings, different typography, change in icon shape, and round profile pictures. A lot of these features were already in use on the Android app, but now have made the jump to all Twitter’s other platforms.

The TSA Precheck is nice for people who fly frequently, but now they are testing out making it even quicker and less painful. says TSA is testing out a fingerprint scanner….you won’t even need to show your boarding pass and Driver License or passport. The biometric screening is being tested out in Atlanta and Denver right now. As long as bad guys don’t get hold of James Bond type peel off fake fingerprints, it should be golden.


Apple Building Video Sharing App Like Snapchat & Facebook; Future iPhones May Grab Photos & Fingerprints of Thieves, Nutonomy Beats Uber in Launching Self-Driving Cabs

Apple is working on a social networking app along the lines of Snapchat and Facebook. says Cupertino’s goal is for you to be able to shoot, edit, upload, and share a video in less than a minute…all with one hand! If the stars align in Silicon Valley, Apple will roll out the app in 2017. has uncovered a patent that would allow future iPhones to snag the fingerprints and pictures of thieves. The unauthorized user’s info might be stored locally, or sent to a remote server for more evaluation. It’s not clear that such collection would be legal everywhere, even involving crooks, so it remains to be seen if this will actually be introduced on the handsets.

We reported on Uber’s imminent release of self-driving cabs in Pittsburg to test out their systems. Now, according to, they’ll be #2 at it. Apparently, a firm called Nutonomy is putting the rubber on the road in Singapore today. As with the Uber test, rides will be free, and there will be a company engineer along to observe the system, and grab the controls if needed. Nutonomy was founded by a couple of robotics and intelligent vehicle tech geniuses from MIT.

HTC One Max Fingerprints Stored in Plain Sight

HTC has been having plenty of trouble of late, despite making a really cool phone, the One Max. Part of the problem is that HTC is selling phones for just over a penny profit…not a good business model for a device that costs hundreds. Their stock value has plummeted to the amount of cash on hand. For the HTC One Max OWNER, there’s a BIG problem. notes that the Max stores fingerprints as an ordinary image file in an unsecure location. Worse…it saves a fresh copy that can be stolen every time you swipe your finger! Researchers at FireEye tipped HTC of this glaring mess, and they’ve issued a patch, so if you own a One Max, update the software!

By now, you’ve heard all about Google starting an umbrella company called Alphabet to be the parent to all their brands: Google, Google X, and so on.
It seems that the execs came up with this naming plan so quickly, no one bothered to check if the name was available online…and it’s not…for now. reports that an individual has @alphabet on Twitter, and is owned by Alphabet Fleet Management…a BMW company, which also owns With Google’s (and now Alphabet’s) billions, they’ll be able to buy up the online names, but a word to the wise for the rest of us…check first!

All ‘i’s’ Watching October

The iWatch will be here in October, and have a curved OLED touchscreen. That’s what hears from the Nikkei Asian Review, and it’s also being reported by Apple expects to sell 3 to 5 million a month! The HealthKit health and fitness app rumored is said to be a big part of the iWatch rollout.

If you’re a bit paranoid about putting all your stuff on the cloud, how about your own? reports that a Kickstarter called Sherlybox lets you create a personal cloud, and control everything about it. It’ll cost $149 for the setup, and you bring your own drive! What if you run out of room, you say? No worries, it supports up to 127 external USB drives! says that within a year, police forensics could tell how old a fingerprint is! The work is being done at Netherlands Forensics Institute. They are accurate from 1 to 2 days if the print is less than 15 days old.