Amazon Gets Planes for Logistics; Ear Echoes for Bio-Identification

We have reported that Amazon was looking to go full tilt into logistics, cutting out UPS and FedEx to a great degree, and how they were working to acquire planes. Now, reports that they’ve inked a deal with Air Transport Services Group to lease 20 Boeing 767 freighters to expedite order deliveries for Amazon Fulfillment Services. ATSG will operate the planes, along with ABX Air and Air Transport International. It’s a 5 year deal, and Amazon has rights to acquire just under 20% of ATSG over that period.

Biometrics seem to be a pretty rock solid method of identifying a person…unless it’s a James Bond movie, no one is going to poach your eyeball for an iris scan in real life. Here’s one that goes even deeper…NEC has developed an earpiece with a tiny speaker and microphone that detects the unique echo in your earhole. says the device looks and works like a regular earbud you listen to music through. When identification is needed, it sends a series of sounds, the mic detects them and they’re compared to an earlier recording. It takes less than a second. NEC expects to have the tech out commercially by 2018. In addition to transactions, it could even replace the venerable key card you use to get around in the building at work!


A Billion Mobile Users on Facebook- NOT Counting Instagram

Facebook has passed yet another milestone… reports they now have a billion users on mobile devices, and 200 million on Instagram. says Apple has a new patent application that describes earbuds with a built-in mic that could automatically detect your voice, and tune a series of built-in mics to optimally pick up their speech and cancel out any background noise. One can hope they put a little more into quality drivers so they sound as musical as other, third party earbuds…which, up to now, they haven’t done.

If you’re really wanting to go green, check the Ego (love the play on words….E—Go) Power+ electronic lawnmower. No cord, and a lithium ion battery that charges in a half hour. says it’s $499. Did you notice the part about NO cord?