Amazon-Deep Discounts Via Alexa; iPhone Lock Screen Hack Exposes Contacts & Pictures

Amazon opened up a new way to separate you from your money….’voice shopping weekend!’ says Prime customers can grab a discount by ordering over Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Fire HD Tablet, and Fire TV using the Alexa voice assistant. The sale is now through November 21st. There will also be Alexa exclusive deals through the rest of November and all of December, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Buy items for over 10 bucks with Alexa, and Amazon will throw in a $5 gift card, too!

A kinky hack has been discovered for iPhones. It does take physical access to the phone, but if you have Siri turned on for the lock screen (I don’t), a hacker can get your phone number and call the phone…that gives them access to iMessages. According to, a particular combination of touches to the contact info bar and keyboard exposes your contacts and pictures. If you don’t want someone compromising your contacts and naughty pics you’ve sent, disable Siri on the lock screen until Apple fixes this hack!


‘Amazon Killer’ Startup Jet Launches

Jet, which has been operating in beta since April, officially launched today. They’ve raise 225 million in their effort to out-Amazon Amazon. reports the site promises prices 10-15% lower than anywhere else. Product prices start at about 8% cheaper, but Jet gives further discounts when you bundle multiple orders into a single shipment. The company claims not to take a cut of product prices, but just be about making money from a Costco like $50 annual membership fee.

Google has released a new plug in that allows you to open files for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint right from Google Drive. When you’re ready to save, you can save right inside Drive, too. According to, it works with Office on Windows machines, but Google hasn’t announced when the plug in might be available on Macs.

Walmart to Rain on Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ Parade

Wednesday is Prime Day, Amazon’s way of honoring itself on it’s 20th anniversary with a sale. Now, reports that Walmart will jump in and offer an online sale, too…plus, cut the minimum order for free shipping from $50 to $35. the giant big box retailer also mocked Amazon online for charging $99 a year for free 2-day shipping. Walmart has been testing a $50 a year rival to Amazon Prime, but it’s for 3-day free shipping, not two. The huge retailer will cut prices on 2000 items on Wednesday to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day.

Something to look forward to in Apple’s iOS 9…you may rarely use the home screen. has been test driving the upcoming OS, and found that most of the time you can use the new ‘Siri Suggestions’ screen. You get to it by swiping left from the home screen, and it ‘predicts’ what you want to use. Basically, it is a screen of your most recently used apps, and people you’ve called or texted. I have over 100 apps on my iPhone 6, but use about 8 of them more than any others, so Siri Suggests may be the only screen I use most of the time.