Apple Watch Rumor-Glucose Monitoring; Amazon-4K Alexa TV and Now = Walmart X2; BMW, Intel, & Mobileye Add Delphi to Self-Driving

It’s been no secret that Apple has wanted to get deep into the weeds regarding heath monitoring for the Apple Watch. The do have north of 200 folks with PhDs working on various projects. Now, reports that they may be close to rolling out non-invasive sensors to monitor blood glucose. This would be something of a Holy Grail for diabetics, meaning no finger sticks all day. Apparently, the sensors would be built into interchangeable smart watch bands, along with other functionality. This way, people who buy Apple Watch that don’t need those functions wouldn’t have to pay extra for them. The sensors are due in ‘an upcoming Apple Watch,’ but it’s unclear if they will make the third generation one out this fall.

Amazon has announced 4K TVs running Alexa. They will be sold under the Westinghouse brand, according to Preorders are open now, with prices ranging from $449 for a 43 inches to $899 for a 65 inch display. They are expected in stores next month. A lot has been made over Apple and Google valuation…Apple at 800+ billion and all…but ponder this….Amazon now has a market cap of $459 billion…that’s just about TWO Walmarts! Amazon has just been a public company for 18 years!

BMW, Intel, & Mobileye have now been joined by Delphi in their self-driving platform development. says Delphi will supply key computing components to the system. Intel and Delphi had previously worked together on autonomous tech. They are shooting for 2021 to bring their platform into production…not just for BMW vehicles but for other auto makers and system developers.

MobileEye & Delphi Partner For Self-Driving System; Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode Goes Beyond Plaid; Playstation Now Cloud Gaming

A big announcement yesterday from Delphi and sensor-maker Mobileye. They plan to partner to build a fully autonomous car system that auto manufacturers can use to make their cars self-driving. The system will be production-ready for car makers by 2019, according to, and could show up in new cars between late 2019 and 2021. Mobileye recently split the sheets with Tesla, but will apparently continue to work with BMW and Intel on BMW self-driving platforms.

Speaking of Tesla, reports that they have announced an upgrade to the Model S and Model X. A beefed up battery pack will extend mileage from 289 to 315 miles on a charge, and Ludicrous mode will get the Model S P100D from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds, making it the world’s fastest production car. The upgrade is $20 grand, or an additional $10 grand if you already ordered a P90D Ludicrous but haven’t taken delivery yet.

Pictures of the Playstation PS4 Slim and a new controller have already leaked out prior to Sony’s rollout September 7th. Now, says a Sony blog post mentions “PS Now on PC Announce Post”. This may have accidentally spilled the beans on release of their Playstation Now cloud gaming service on PCs. No word on pricing, but it had better be more reasonable if Sony expects it to catch on.

Delphi Tests Self-Driving Car; Thinner Apple Watch 2; Tesla Buying Solar City

Giant auto parts supplier Delphi is testing a fleet of self-driving cars in Singapore. According to, by later this year you should be able to book a ride in a self-driving Audi cab there using your smartphone. Singapore had partnered earlier with MIT to advance self-driving research. There will initially be 3 fixed routes for 6 vehicles, all in the central business district. Delphi has already been testing an autonomous fleet in Silicon Valley, and plans to expand to other US locations and to Europe.

Solar City announced today that they have agreed to be acquired by Tesla for $2.6 billion. The majority shareholder of both is Elon Musk, who says it’s a necessary step in order to build what the companies are calling the world’s only vertically integrated sustainable energy company. says the deal may be finalized by the end of the year.

The version 2.0 Apple Watch will use a so-called One Glass Solution, and be thinner and lighter. reports that Apple will drop glass on glass to make more internal space…possibly for more components and bigger battery. Apple also plans to switch from and OLED display to Micro-LED, but that won’t make it into the Apple Watch 2…it’s expected in 2017. Most leaks point to the Apple Watch 2 being rolled out with cellular connectivity and a FaceTime camera along side the iPhone 7 in September.

Some Early Crash Statistics on Self-Driving Cars


The California DMV has released brief details about 6 accidents involving self-driving cars. says 5 of the 6 were Google’s, and one was from Delphi. In 100% of those crashes, the OTHER driver was at fault…not the self-driving car! No injuries occurred in any of them. This lends creedance to the thought that once all vehicles are self-driving, accident rates will plummet.

Microsoft has unveiled a $140 PC on a stick. The USB drive-sized PC runs Windows 8.1, and has an Intel Atom quad core processor with 2 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage. It can connect to TVs and monitors via HDMI, has a mini-usb port, and has Bluetooth. The PC on a stick is made by iBall, and goes on sale in India next month. No word on upgradability to Windows 10, or when it might be released in the US.