Apple Watch Average Price Ranges Predicted

According to, the average selling price of the low end Apple watch called Apple Sport, will be close to $450, despite Apple’s quoted starting price of $349. The midrange Apple watch will set you back around $650, and the high end Apple Edition that starts at just under 5 grand will end up soaking up about $7500!

The ultra secure Blackphone is getting a refresh. says Silent Circle will release the Blackphone 2 it just previewed at Mobile World Congress in the second half of the year, and also showed a prototype of the Blackphone+ tablet. reports that BlackBerry will roll out a curved display phone later this year. It and another model designed by Porsche will be touchscreen only. BlackBerry will also release a new keyboard-based phone.

Privacy Based App Store Coming

The ultra-secure Blackphone is getting its own privacy-focused app marketplace. says it’s called Spaces, and will roll out with a major system update to the PrivatOS early next year.

People who love their Netflix and especially binge watching series will be cheered about this…the reports that over the next 5 years, the streaming content provider plans to have 20 original series running!

Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick can now run web apps. says as an incentive to lure app developers, Amazon is allowing them to make money from their apps on Amazon.