Microsoft’s Beam Becomes Mixer; T-Mobile Digits Service Now Free For All; Apple Watch Hack Produces Stroke Detector

Earlier this week, Microsoft was trying to convince the world to call AR..augmented reality mixed reality. Now, we know why…marketing! reports that Microsoft has re-branded its game streaming service Beam as Mixer. They have also upped the service’s game with co-streaming, a guide, and mobile broadcasting on iOS and Android. Up to 4 streamers can now combine their streams into a single page, where they’re displayed split screen style.

T-Mobile has just made a cool new service called Digits free for all T-Mobile users. says that Digits combines some of the best features of Google Voice and AT&T NumberSync. You can use one number on multiple devices, but also have multiple numbers on one device…so you could carry one phone and have a business number and home number on it….or a burner number that you’ve given out on dating sites. As of May 31st, every T-Mobile number becomes a Digits number. It’s free, but you will have to call them in order to activate a second number. The freebie will expire soon, then it goes to $10 bucks more a month for a second number.

The Apple Watch is the best heart monitor of any wearable, but not close to what your doctor or hospital uses…until now. According to, some researchers at UCSF used an app called Cardiogram with some machine learning, and hacked the Watch to be a 97% accurate detector of one of the leading causes of stroke! This may open the door to considerably more preventative health care, which is far cheaper than reacting and treating problems after the fact.

4K iPad Air 3; Wireless iPhone Charging; Over the Air High Speed Internet

t’s no secret that iPad sales haven’t be setting the world on fire, and with the Air 3 supposed to be out in March, Apple needs something to create excitement. reports that they may have that something. There hasn’t been a real ‘oh wow’ feature on the iPad since the Retina display in 2012. The Air 3 may be taking it up a notch with a 4K screen! The next gen iPad Air will also reportedly have 4 gigs of ram and improved battery life.

A number of companies have wireless charging systems for their smartphones, but according to, Apple may roll one out by next year that doesn’t rely on the phone making contact with a charging mat or plate. Cupertino is reportedly working on a system that can charge iPhones from across the room, and it may bow with the models out in 2017.

A company called Starry is working on over the air internet that could REALLY let you be a cable cutter. Their system uses 4 foot transmitters they call Beams that a small receiver called a Starry Point in a home’s window picks up and converts to something your router can broadcast through the house as regular WiFi. says t’s supposed to be significantly cheaper than the service from your cable or phone company, have no data caps, and offer speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. They aren’t up and running yet, but claim to be able to set up in a town in a matter of weeks, once permissions for their rooftop Beam antennas is granted. Stay tuned!