Microsoft Rolls Bing-ChatGPT into Windows 11; Apple  Pours Billions into Broadcom Deal; Amazon Fire 11 Max Bows; New Dyson Robot Vacuum 360 Vis Nav Coming

A lot of people and companies have been putting off migrating to Windows 11 for a number of reasons. Now, Microsoft is adding another for some folks…but something others may be moved to upgrade for. reports that Microsoft is building its ChatGPT based Bing right into Windows 11. Not only that, the system will allow users to ask the chatbot to change Windows settings, too. What can possibly go wrong, right? The system is dubbed Windows Copilot, and it will be available right in the Windows 11 taskbar. Look for the new Bing integration in June. Will it move people and businesses to switch to Windows 11? Time will tell, but so far, only 20% of Windows users have made the switch. 

Apple has announced a big new partnership with Broadcom, a long time Apple partner. According to, Cupertino is calling it a ‘multibillion dollar deal.’ The plan is to have Broadcom develop and build a number of key 5G frequency components in the US. Apple says it already helps support over 1100 jobs at Broadcom’s Fort Collins, Colorado facility. Apple is still on track to invest $430 billion in the US economy over 5 years, something they announced in 2021. Note that Apple is continuing to work on developing its own Bluetooth and Wi-Fi components..which would reduce its reliance on companies like Broadcom. An Apple combo Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip could be ready as soon as 2025. 

Amazon has announced the new Fire 11 Max tablet…its biggest and most powerful tablet so far. says the new 11-inch, Alexa enabled device can be paired with a full-sized detachable keyboard case, and an Amazon Stylus Pen. Here’s the thing…while it’s not quite an iPad, you can get the Fire 11 Max, the keyboard, and the pen starting at $329.99. the older 9th generation iPad (which Apple still sells, even though the 10th gen model is out) is $329 without a keyboard or pen (which Apple calls a pencil.) The Fire 11 Max has a more adult looking gray aluminum case and strengthened glass. Amazon claims it is certified for low blue light, which helps with streaming, gaming, and long hours of use. The base model has 64 gigs of storage, just like the base iPad. The cams are nothing to write home about…an 8MP rear one and an 8MP front cam….not top drawer, but better than the 2MP and 5MP ones of previous Amazon tablets. It’s available for preorder now.

Dyson makes great…albeit…expensive vacuums, among other things. Now, after a luke warm robot vac called the 360 Eye, comes the 360 Vis Nav. reports that the new robot vac was just introduced in Australia, and is expected in the US later this year. Dyson is claiming ‘twice the suction’ of any other robot vacuum, and it sports a top-mounted fisheye lens that helps it navigate and map. The new vac is supposed to have better low light performance and has 26 sensors to try to avoid getting stuck in tight spots. An over the top feature on the 360 Vis Nav is an arm that pops out and cleans right up against the wall. With all that suction, you’d think the 360 Vis Nav would have less range on the battery…and you’d be right. It can sweep for 50 minutes before returning to its dock to charge…but it recalls where it left off and goes right back to finish starting there. Since no vacuums since the door-to-door Kirby ever sold for more than Dyson’s, you’re probably wondering how much. Well, if you buy the 360 Vis Nav, you may have to put off getting a folding phone…no US price yet, but it’s $1590 in US dollars in Australia!

I’m Clark Reid and you’re ‘Technified’ for now. 


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