Android Share for Windows Here; Google Guarantees Some Flight Prices; Ford’s EV Business on a Roll; Developers at Bay’s TI Claim to Prevent Climate-Related Flooding

Apple has had Air Drop for some time now, which lets people in the Apple ecosystem transfer to nearby devices. For example, I can send a picture or document from my iPhone over to my MacBook Pro seamlessly. Some Android users have lusted for this feature, and now it’s here. reports that Google’s Nearby Share, introduced in 2020, has finally made its way to Windows PCs. Google announced the feature expansion in a blog post. It will now be easier for Android users to move images, videos, and other content between Android phones and Windows PCs with the new Nearby Share Beta for Windows app. You can get the app at the Android website, and it will work with PCs running the 64-bit version of Windows 10 and up, so long as they’re not powered by ARM processors. Additionally, devices should be within 16 feet (5 meters) of each other for the transfer to succeed.

Speaking of Google, they are bringing some help to the hassle and expense of trip planning via Google Flights. According to, an update to Flights will lock you in to the best price on selected airline flights. Plane ticket prices depend on several factors, like the day of the week, your destination, and upcoming holidays. Some people like buying plane tickets months in advance to take advantage of lower prices, while others want to wait until a better deal comes up. Google Flights now has price guarantees for flights in the U.S. If a flight has a guaranteed price badge next to its price, that means Google believes the price will stay the same until the flight is scheduled to take off. If the flight’s price does decrease before you’re scheduled to leave, Google will reimburse you the difference via Google Pay. This feature is only available for Book on Google itineraries that depart from the U.S.

Ford is yet to make money on EV sales so far…in fact, the company projects a $3 billion loss on electrics this year, but as sales grow, they will be moving into the black, and that day may not be terribly far off. Sales are growing, too… says Ford’s EV business grew 41% this quarter with 10,866 units out the doors. Ford says it is on track to sell about 150,000 EVs this year, counting Lightning trucks, E-transit delivery vans, and Mustang Mach-E models. 

Sea level increases worldwide will become more and more of a problem, driven by climate change. Now, San Francisco Public Press reports that builders claim them can protect communities with flood risk using cutting-edge civil engineering. It’s a bold claim when it comes to Treasure Island, a land fill built in the last century to host an exhibition that is flat and barely above sea level. there, developers have poured the foundation for a 22-story tower, and there are 5 other high-rise buildings on the drawing board. The challenge lies in making things safe out beyond the year 2100…not that far away when it comes to structures. By then, models show a chance of 4 feet, 11 inches of sea level rise. A surge added to tides could make water levels rise to more than a foot above the lowest ground floors planned for Treasure Island housing. Check out for a lot deeper dive…and sorry about the pun.

I’m Clark Reid, and you’re ‘Technified’ for now.


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