YouTube Multi-Language Subtitle Feature; Apple Watch Glucose Advances; Mercedes Teams With Google; Man Crushes AI System at GO

YouTube has announced it’s rolling out support for multi-language audio tracks which will allow creators to add dubbing to their new and existing videos, helping them to reach an international audience. reports that the technology to support multi-language audio tracks was built in-house at YouTube, but creators will need to partner directly with third-party dubbing providers to create their audio tracks. Once uploaded, viewers will be able to pick a different audio track from the same menu where they currently are able to adjust other settings like subtitles or audio quality. It’s up to the creator to choose which other language they want to support. This will enable creators to expand audiences internationally on a scale never possible before. Right now, it’s only available on YouTube’s long form content, but they are testing on Shorts right now.

Another step in the long process to bring non-invasive blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch…a process that started under Steve Jobs! According to, Apple’s tech has reached the ‘proof of concept’ stage. This doesn’t mean that next fall’s Apple Watch will have the feature…first, they have to devise a way to shrink it down to fit into the Watch. The prototype is the size of an iPhone right now. Getting glucose monitoring without finger sticks will revolutionize life for diabetics, and will astronomically increase sales of the Apple Watch when Apple is able to miniaturize the process to fit. Cupertino is far enough along that they have started holding early discussions with the government about getting approval for the tech.

Mercedes-Benz and Google have made a long time deal to bring Google Maps and YouTube into Mercedes vehicles. says the licensing agreement will allow Mercedes to use the Google features within the Mercedes designed MB.OS operating system, as opposed to having Android Auto or the like control the Google features. Expect to see the Google features in cars by 2024. Meanwhile. starting today, Mercedes owners will be able to get Place Details provided by Google in their present cars via an over the air software update. 

So…ChatGPT and other AI are taking over the world, coming for your job, and all that. Well, not quite. Artificial Intelligence including ChatGPT isn’t really intelligent. A human player has beaten…badly…a top ranked AI system at the board game Go…a surprise reversal of a victory by a computer in 2016. reports that the player is an American named Kellin Pelrine, who is one level below the top amateur ranking. Pelrine picked up on a previously unknown flaw that had been detected by another computer, and exploited it to crush the AI player in 14 out of 15 games….and did it without direct computer support. The weakness is shared by all widely used AI systems, including ChatGPT. According to the report, any competent human player would have spotted the gambit right away, but the computer wasn’t able to. It looks like we puny humans have a few more years before our computer and robot overlords take over!

I’m Clark Reid, and you’re ‘Technified’ for now!


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