Switch Becomes 3rd Best Selling Console Ever; More on Microsoft AI Powered Bing; Google Adds ‘SafeSearch’ Feature; Tesla Sales Push California EV Market Share to New High

In a new report to investors, Nintendo crowed about the Switch game console. The handheld gaming device not only sold 8.2 million units in the last quarter of 2022, it also slipped into the slot as third best-selling game console in history. According to arstechnica.com, there are now a tad more than 122 million Nintendo Switches in users’ hands. the number two console is the Nintendo DS handheld at 154 million, and the top dog, but only by a hair, is the Sony PlayStation 2 at 155 million. 

In the last report, we noted that Microsoft was making more of their partnership with ChatGPT when it comes to the Bing search engine. Geekwire.com reports that Redmond will actually be using a next-generation Open AI so-called large language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT and is specifically designed for search. Microsoft calls it their ‘Prometheus Model,’ and it  lets Bing improve relevancy, annotate answers, give more recent results, understand geolocation, and improve safety. New features in Edge include the ability to open a sidebar that uses AI to draft text, such as a LinkedIn post, within the specified parameters of the users, including the tone of voice to be used. The search and browser battle is hitting a new level, with both Bing and Google search engines employing next generation artificial intelligence. So what will YOU ask our AI overlords?

Google has added a feature they call ’SafeSearch’ mode to protect you from things you can never unsee. Androidpolice.com says that even having the toggle on, it will automatically blur inappropriate imagery in search results without even turning SafeSearch fully on. With the mode on, inappropriate images will be removed entirely. This will be particularly useful on computers that may be used by younger users or when you want to show search results in a video meeting and don’t want something popping up that would be embarrassing or worse. The feature is on by default for users between ages 13 and 18. Of course, it can be switched off, so clever kids will figure out a way around it quickly, but at least it’s a good move to try to limit inappropriate content from appearing on their screens. 

California put out its 2022 vehicle data info, and confirmed that market leader Tesla’s sales pushed the EV market share to 17% in the Golden State. Electrek.co reports that overall vehicle registrations were down 7.9% in California for the year. The electric vehicle sales were up 50% year over year to hit that 17% market share level. The Tesla Model Y was the best seller with more than 87,000 units, followed by the Model 3 at 79,000 cars. Toyota continues to be the overall best selling brand in California according to the California New Car Dealers Association. 

I’m Clark Reid, and you’re ‘Technified’ for now. 


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