Microsoft Laying off 10,000; Samsung Teases Galaxy S23; Apple-Cheaper Version of Mixed Reality Headset; Discord Gets Gas

Microsoft has announced that they are laying off 10,000 employees now through March 31st. They are saying it’s due to slower revenue growth. reports that the company is also taking a $1.2 billion charge in the fiscal second quarter. We’ve seen cuts already at Alphabet, Amazon, and Salesforce in recent weeks. Employees in the U.S. who are eligible for benefits will receive severance that’s above the market and six months of health care and stock vesting, along with 60 days’ notice before their work ends. 

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 line reveal at Galaxy Unpacked coming up in a couple weeks, Samsung has teased the latest phones in a blog post from TM Roh, president of the Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung. According to, Roh said  “the upcoming Galaxy is all about camera, performance, and sustainability.” Samsung has prepared “durable devices engineered to last longer” that also receive years of updates, built with sustainable materials. As for the camera, leaks have shown that the Galaxy S23 Ultra should bring a whopping 200MP main camera sensor, solidifying the device’s “Ultra” name. Roh also mentioned what Ultra can do in even more device categories…which seems to mean we could see a Samsung Galaxy Book Ultra. 

As reported here and many other places, Apple is rolling full speed ahead on their mixed reality headset, which is widely expected to bow this year and be a wallet-crushing $3000 or thereabouts. Now, says Cupertino is working on a more affordable version as well. That one is expected to be more in the range of the top line, loaded up iPhone…which would put it at about $1500…the same price as Meta’s headset. The less pricy Apple one would use more affordable components, but have the same general functionality as the more deluxe one. For one, it would run iPhone type chips, rather than the Mac level chips in the high priced unit. Originally planned for release in 2024, a year after the high line headset, it looks now like the less expensive one will be out in 2025. 

Messaging platform Discord (if you haven’t heard of it, ask your kids or grandkids) has acquired Gas, a popular app for teens. reports that Gas users sign up with their school, add friends, and answer polls about their classmates. The questions in the polls are intense to post users’ confidence, rather than damage it. Gas has picked up 7.4 million installs and nearly $7 million in consumer spending since launch…which was just in the summer of 2022. For now, it will operate as a freestanding app, but you can expect for Gas features to be integrated into Discord moving ahead.

I’m Clark Reid, and you’re ‘Technified’ for now.


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