Twitter Timeline Change; Samsung Reserve Promotion; Next Surface Duo-Real Folding Screen; Amazon’s “Hey Disney”

Elon Musk has been pressing for even easier access to Twitter’s algorithmic timeline. Now, he’s done it. Previously, you had to click the little sparkle at the top of the app to pick chronological or the algorithmic timeline. reports that you will now see ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ at the top of the feed. You can swipe between them to change the timeline. Twitter tried this jamming the algorithm down peoples’ throats before, and there was a huge uproar. I have this already on the app, and had it briefly on the web version of Twitter, but the latter has switched back to the little sparkle at the top this morning. If you want the latest and not what Musk wants to show you, select ‘For You.’

Samsung has unveiled a promotion ahead of their Unpacked event. Between now and February 1st, you can go to Samsung’s website or use the Shop Samsung app and register your interest in a new Galaxy smartphone a Galaxy Book, or both…and get up to $100 in Samsung credit. According to, if you reserve something, you can apply $50 towards one device or $100 towards two devices. You will have to give up your name and email…phone number is optional. No purchase is necessary after the registration, either. The catch? the credits only apply to existing products, and won’t be good for the new Galaxy S23 phones. There’s always a catch, right?

Microsoft has killed the planned Surface Duo 3, and instead is forging ahead on a true foldable. says that Redmond had originally nixed a folder, wanting to have tow glass screens with a 360 degree hinge. The plan now is for a truly foldable Surface Duo with a 180 degree hinge like most other folders on the market. The down side? Virtually no chance of the device making it to market this year, as had been the plan for the Surface Duo 3. There are reports, though, that Microsoft may roll out a different Android phone this year, with the folder possibly bowing in 2024. 

Amazon announced at CES that Disney’s first home voice assistant, Hey Disney, will be coming to Echo devices through the Alexa Skills Store, OR as part of an Amazon Kids+  subscription. reports that you won’t be able to choose the Disney character that answers…they are preprogrammed with various replies depending on what you ask. Over 20 Disney characters are in the mix, from the Genie of Aladdin fame to Olaf from Frozen, and even Mater from Cars. Of course, some of the best loved old school characters are involved…set a 30 second timer and you get Donald Duck. Here’s the Disney Magic (read magic at getting into your wallet): the voice assistant works with Disney’s MagicBand Plus! The bands have been basically useless outside the parks up to now. 

I’m Clark Reid, and you’re ‘Technified’ for now.


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