Lenovo’s Dual Screen Laptop; Amazon Cutting 18,000 Jobs; FTC Proposes Ban on Non-Competes; DoorDash Will Return Your Packages

Lenovo is showing off a really cool and interesting dual screen laptop this week. It’s called the YogaBook 9i. Engadget.com reports that it unfolds like a normal laptop, but with two screens instead of a keyboard. You can use the bottom one as a keyboard and trackpad if you like, but the rig comes with a stand and Bluetooth keyboard, as well as a stylus. you can prop the screens up either horizontally or vertically on the folding stand, and use the screens in several modes. You can use them independently…like taking notes on one side while looking at source material on the other. You can also scroll using both screens. Of course, you can use as a single, big screen to give plenty of real estate for your work or viewing. Both displays measure 13.3 inches, and they are 2.8K OLED screens. There are several other modes the software allows you to use…too many to cover here. The YogaBook 9i will be out in April for around $2,000.

Back in the Fall, we reported that Amazon was looking at cutting around 10,000 jobs. According to zdnet.com, that number is now up to 18,000. The earlier cuts were in the devices and books businesses, and also included a cut in new corporate hiring. Now, Amazon will add cuts to its Amazon Stores, and to its People, Experience, and Technology organization. This all follows the rapid, massive hiring that the online giant initiated during the pandemic. The cuts amount to 1.2% of Amazon’s million and a half strong workforce, but 5% of its corporate staff. 

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule completely banning non-compete clauses…those contracts that prevent workers from joining competitive companies when they leave their job. Vice.com says the agency believes that non-compete clauses harm healthy competition in the labor and product markets and block entrepreneurship, and estimated that the rule could increase workers’ earnings by almost $300 billion per year. The new rule will make it fully illegal for employers to enter into or maintain non-compete agreements with their workers, AND require them to actively notify workers that any existing non-compete agreements would no longer be in effect.

If it’s just too big a hassle for you to take a prepaid package to UPS, FedEX, or the Post Office, DoorDash has a deal for you. Techcrunch.com reports that they are rolling out a pickup service. For the nominal fee of $5 for standard users or $3 for DashPass members, you can have them pick up your returns and take them to the appropriate shipping office. You can have up to 5 packages picked up and returned in the same order. If you really have to send 5 back at a time, you may need to rethink your online ordering, though!

I’m Clark Reid, and you’re ‘Technified’ for now.


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