More Twitter Litter; Galaxy S23-Maybe Better Satellite Than Apple; Mercedes-Pay Up, and Go Faster; LG Will Build EV Batt Cathode Plant in US

Yesterday, people were all a-Twitter (sorry) about Elon Musk announcing a ‘general amnesty’ for suspended accounts starting next week. reports that Musk will allow those that may post horrible but legal things back on the platform…free speech, ya know. There may be a fly in the ointment with this…besides more people leaving Twitter. Except the US, most countries don’t have anything like the 1st Amendment, and he may be fined billions by the European Union.

As famed pitchman Ron Popiel would say…’but wait…there’s more!’ Yes, the blue checkmarks for paid accounts will resume December 2nd..BUT with company. It will be called ‘Verified,’ not Twitter Blue, AND there will be different colors of checkmarks. Basically, companies will get a gold check, governments a gray one, and individuals will have the blue ones. Individual public officials will have a ‘tiny logo’ showing their organization if it is verified. Hive, Mastodon and Post are licking their chops at even more users bailing on Twitter for their platforms.

A ‘killer feature’ of the new iPhone 14 models is the emergency satellite connectivity. Now, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S23 may outshine them with something better. According to, Samsung is partnering with Iridium to use their low orbit satellites to not only give users emergency messaging, but also the ability to transmit text messages and low-capacity images. In addition, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is supposed to be getting a new fingerprint sensor that will have better speed and accuracy. The S23 phones should be out in February. 

Mercedes-Benz is one of the car makers taking a page out of Tesla’s book for its electric vehicles. says the German car maker will have an ‘acceleration increase’ feature on it’s EQ electric vehicles…BUT…you will have to pay $1200 a year for the privilege of having neck-snapping acceleration. Tesla has charged thousands in fees for years for their ‘Full Self-Driving’ feature…which of course, isn’t really full self-driving. Tesla’s fee isn’t yearly, though. BMW has already joined the fee for features club, but with a much lighter touch…you want heated seats? $18 dollars a month, please. 

As car makers work to introduce and sell more and more electric models, battery availability becomes an issue. Now, LG Chem has announced a factory to be built in Tennessee to make cathodes for EV batteries. reports that the new $3 billion plant will be in Clarksville. When up and running in 2027, it will be able to supply cathode material for some 1.2 million EVs. It will bring 850 jobs to Tennessee, too.

I’m Clark Reid, and you’re ‘technified’ for now. 


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