YouTube Freshen Eases Use; Upcoming from Apple-Gurman; Facebook & TikTok Approve Ads With ‘Blatant’ Election Mis-Info; Free Netflix Password Sharing Doomed

YouTube is rolling out an update that makes use easier. All users will get pinch-to-zoom, and they are adding precise seeking…which should help you to rewind or fast forward videos to an exact location (this feature has been available on Premium already). reports that while you are scrolling through a video, YouTube will open a frame-by-frame view, so you can lock in to the exact spot you want to watch. Another feature is ambient mode, which adapts colors in the video you are watching, which should look better if you use dark mode. Oh…and dark mode is now even darker, which YouTube says should make “colors truly pop on your screen,” whether you’re watching videos on your phone, computer, or smart TV.

Faster silicon is on the way from Apple, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The next few months, look for a freshened MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and a new beast of a Mac Pro. The latter will have a model available with 24 CPU cores, a whopping 76 graphics cores, and 192 Gigs of memory. The 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro models will come with M2 Pro and M2 Max internals. The Max is not shabby in its performance, rocking 12 CPU cores, 38 GPU cores, and 64 Gigs of memory. The Mini will run an M2 chip like the MacBook Air and 13 inch MacBook Pro. All should be out in the coming months…with the Mac Pro hitting the market more like mid-2023. 

Facebook and TikTok have failed to block ads with ‘blatant’ misinformation about when and how to vote in the US midterms, and also about the integrity of the voting process. CNN says this is the finding of a new report from human rights watchdog Global Witness and The Cybersecurity Democracy Team at New Yom University. Researchers sent in 20 ads with inaccurate info to Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. YouTube spotted and rejected every single test submission and suspended the channel used to post them. TikTok approved 90% of them, while researchers said Facebook approved a ‘significant number.’ 

Yes, its been rumored for a while now, but it looks like your Netflix Password sharing is gonna cost you soon. reports that they have started testing in a few countries. What would it mean? Each extra member ‘sub-account’ in the US would tack on an extra $3.50 or $4 a month! It looks like they will only be allowing the account sharing on the $15.50 a month Standard and $20 a month Premium accounts, too (as both those allow simultaneous streams.) Another day, another shakedown for more money.


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